The topic of Heart Disease isn’t really a nice one to open up with on a Monday,  but this is all about creating awareness rather than making a sad blog about how everyone in the world will suffer from Heart Disease.  But, sadly Heart Disease does exist.  It is a scary chronic illness, ‘chronic’ meaning over time.  To put it in basic terms, heart disease is where the blood supply is affected by a blockage caused by fatty substances that sit in the arteries.  The blockage therefore restricts the amount of blood flow that can pass around the body and this can have life threatening consequences.  Heart Disease is said to be the leading cause of death not only here in the UK but also worldwide. Both men and women can develop heart disease, with researchers stating that 1 in 6 men and 1 in 10 women are suffering from it.

Recently, I have been involved with the promotion of health and wellbeing at work for experience and fun.  One of the upcoming events suggested by the Health and Wellbeing work committee,  was to promote the British Heart Foundation’s #WearItBeatIt campaign on Friday 5th February 2016.  What a brilliant charity and cause, I thought to myself! I swiftly made a start by searching the British Heart Foundation’s website, where I stumbled across their  FREE fundraising kit. I was so impressed with what I received so it is only right to share this with you so that more people can get involved next time.


Within a couple of days of applying for the free fundraising pack, this arrived at my office (love post).  This is literally a light, A4 cardboard folder full of simple and fun ideas of things which you can do around the office for the fundraising day (you can use as little or as much as you like).  I was provided with eye catching leaflets, friendly invitations, colourful posters, a fun sweepstake game, a cardboard photo frame for silly photos to be taken and shared across the organisation and social media accounts, name cards to personalise for donated food, many stickers to give away, important donation sheets, yummy food ideas, easy to create bunting, a money pot and more! It was fantastic.

                                                       (yes, my desk is always that messy)


The aim of the day was to simply wear red #WearIt.  I was so pleased with how many people came to the office wearing red and some colleagues kindly made or brought in cakes to help with donations.  I brought in a bottle of red wine as a prize for the sweepstake game that was provided in the pack… now who wouldn’t want to eat a cupcake and potentially win a free bottle of Spanish wine on a Friday afternoon?!  The donations came flooding in and the yummy cakes shortly disappeared.  After sending off the money that was raised, the British Heart Foundation sent me ‘A BIG RED THANK YOU’ personalised letter, which just proves how grateful this charity is and how much attention to detail they have – I still have my letter!

Thankfully, it has been acknowledged that Heart Disease IS preventative.  It has been discovered that unhealthy lifestyle factors can contribute to the increased ‘risk’. These factors include: smoking, being physically inactive or living with high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol.  Heart Disease can be treated, often through medication, surgery, stopping smoking, increasing the uptake of regular exercise, eating a healthier diet (Mediterranean diet is recommended to patients) and by monitoring blood sugar levels and cholesterol.

As I have mentioned in my previous articles, it’s all about having a healthy and balanced lifestyle.  Of course you can have your glass of wine, ice cream and bacon sandwich!  Can you substitute your fruit, vegetables and water for it? Probably not a good idea, but you can have both and that’s what we call balance and moderation.  Have you gone for a walk today? Have you eaten some fruit and veg? Well don’t worry because you still have the rest of the day.

Thank you so much to my office for taking part, we raised a fabulous amount of money for such a great cause.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the next #WearItBeatIt fundraising day, for more information on the British Heart Foundation charity, check out their website.


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