Warning: I am not a yoga expert.  If you’re expecting a yoga workout out please go elsewhere!  I’m writing a small article on Yoga because it is a recent hobby which I love and I believe it’s a beneficial class for all! Whether you are male, female, someone who hates exercising or whether you just want to try something new, I think it’s something that should be incorporated into your weekly routine. Personally, I chose to try yoga because I had heard such positive things and I wanted to add something new to my routine.

I didn’t think I’d like it at first because of how calm it is. To me, a workout is where I ache, sweat and feel like I’m going to collapse at the end (weirdo I know).  But, after my first session, I felt happy and positive!  To ensure I keep attending Yoga weekly, I include a 45 minute intense gym session just before the Yoga class starts.  This means that I have no excuses because I’ve had my personal, perfect workout for the day (sweat and pain) and therefore I can happily spend time getting stuck into the physical, mental and spiritual practice that is Yoga.

Yoga originated in India and it comes in many different forms, some are rather interesting, but overall the purpose is to connect your mind and body.  I’d say I attend a ‘basic’ typical yoga class (indoors) that you can probably find in your town or city.  But if I had the opportunity I would be doing Yoga in a park or on the beach! During the class, you hold various positions and postures with the aim of improving: flexibility, balance, co-ordination, breathing, strength, mental health, high blood pressure, aches and pains and lots more I can imagine.  Which is why I say it’s for everyone, whether you are young or old and no matter what usual type of exercise you do, you will only benefit your usual workout.  What I like about yoga is how memorable it is.  Each position is named after a living organism (cobra, dolphin, tree) and it doesn’t require much space or any equipment so you can do it in your bedroom, living room or garden.  There are plenty of really good Yoga videos on Youtube and Instagram which I’ve used, so take a look before joining a class!

You may find it slightly funny and embarrassing at first to breath in and out loudly, to close your eyes in the middle of a room full of strangers and to hold some difficult stretches, but remember you’re all in the same class doing the same thing! After you get over those feelings, you will feel taller, lighter and relieved of stress and tension. You will be told to ’empty your mind’ and to forget about what’s happened during your week and day.  It’s a form of therapy at the same time and you’ll feel as though you can take on the rest of the week!  See below for a range of positions that you can print off for home!



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