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This blog is all about a morning v evening workout.  Is it better to work out in the morning or in the evening? Hmm, who really knows?  This question sprung into my mind at 10:30am this morning whilst I was shaking my booty in the Zumba class.  Personally, I start work at 8am, I am NOT a morning person so I tend to do most of my workouts between 4pm and 8pm.  My gym is in the same road as my work so I don’t have any excuses to not pop in after a long day of sitting behind a computer.  But, on the weekends I like to workout mid morning before I’ve got dressed for the day! If I didn’t work, I would probably workout most mornings to get it out the way and to go when it’s quiet so I can have the place / park to myself.  I have come up with some personal pros of working out at each time of the day…

The benefits of a morning workout

  • A great start to the day, you will have a surge of endorphins and feel less stressed by the time you get to work or whatever you do during the day
  • It has been suggested that those who workout in the morning are less likely to eat bad food during the day
  • After a good 8-10 hour sleep, you’ll probably be full of energy and ready to tackle that rowing machine
  • If you go to the gym without eating breakfast you can do a ‘fasted cardio’ session, meaning that your body will use stored fat as its energy source rather than glycolytic energy
  • If you usually avoid breakfast in the morning, you will definitely want your food after a workout!
  • You can workout in your bed hair and no make up and then have the best shower and get yourself ready for the day and even wear that healthy glow!
  • A morning workout really will wake you up
  • You will feel a sense of achievement
  • If you enjoy running in the morning, you could watch the sun rise…aww!
  • You will have your evenings free to see friends, go for dinner or spend time doing your other hobbies
  • Depending on your gym, you may find that the place is quieter first thing in the morning and you don’t have to fight over gym equipment

The benefits of an evening workout

  • Something to do in the evening, by the time you’ve done your workout, had a shower and cooked something nice for dinner it’s probably time for bed!
  • Depending on your gym, I personally find that my favourite classes are always in the evening
  • Depending on your gym, I feel gyms are busier in the evening, therefore you can meet new people and find yourself a new workout buddy
  • You may find that you sleep better if you’ve tired yourself out in the evening
  • This is your chance to burn off those naughty treats that you had during your lunch break!
  • If you workout in the evenings, that means you don’t have to get up early and workout before you go to work (unless you workout twice a day)
  • If you like to run in the evening, you can watch the sun set…unless it’s raining
  • If you like to run in the evening you may feel less conscious of people in cars watching you because its too dark for them to see!
  • Most sports teams run in the evenings, why not join one?
  • It’s a good excuse to avoid wasting money on an expensive dinner or alcohol!
  • If you’ve had a stressful day at the office this is your change to relieve some tension

I think we can sum up that one is not better than the other.  It all depends on your preference and what fits with your schedule. Have some variety and have some of your workouts in the morning and some in the evening.

What is your favourite time of the day to workout?

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