How To Recover From Easter

I’m not sure about you, but I am full of chocolate eggs, Easter cake and Lindt bunnies! Chocolate is definitely my downfall and at this time of the year, I just can’t say no to chocolate gifts and I definitely can’t share or keep them to one side for another day! Now I’m suffering with the consequences and this has just given me another excuse to blog.  I have had some time off work over Easter visiting friends and family, which means I haven’t been cooking healthy meals and I have had a short break from exercising; which has left me feeling and looking like an Easter egg! How do you usually recover from a binge?

As I’ve said throughout this whole blog, I would never condone cutting out foods all together, I won’t even give up food for Lent and I’ve never been on a diet!  It’s all about balance and let’s face it, a few eggs once a year won’t kill you (unless you’re Augustus Gloop) so let’s just accept that we’ve been pigs for the holidays, remember that you’ve enjoyed yourself, but tell yourself that it’s back to reality and your routine.

The killer workout

Work, work, work, work, work, I personally find that when you feel a little guilty that you’ve been demolishing thousands and thousands of extra calories for a few days, you feel like you have some making up to do, which means that you’ll probably push yourself harder. So go to the gym, go for that swim, or go for that long run until you’re dripping in sweat and feel a little better about yourself.

Eat Clean

By now, you’ve probably eaten everything and anything you could get your hands on. So it’s probably time that you go back to the supermarket and plan your healthy meals for the week, those extra chocolate pounds will fall off in no time!

Fight the fake hunger pains

No doubt the body and brain enjoyed the sugar surge and will be demanding more chocolate bunnies! You may find that your belly rumbles a little more than normal and at odd times. Don’t be fooled, you are not hungry my friend. Stay hydrated and snack on healthy foods until your next meal.

Pamper yourself

You’re probably feeling a little sluggish, so why not take the time to freshen yourself up ready for a new day. Get in that shower, have a shave, paint your nails, put on a face mask, wash your hair, anything. Have an early night and wake up feeling fresh and ready for a new day!

Plan your next treat

How boring would life be if you didn’t treat yourself? What are you waiting for, book that fancy dinner for the weekend and have something to look forward to. If anything, you’ll need something to keep you determined and it’s something to work off for the following week!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break  x

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