Panic Attacks

Recently, I have been having panic attacks.  For those of you who have also suffered with panic attacks or are currently suffering, you will understand how awful they can be.  For those of you who have never had or never heard of a panic attack, you may know someone who has had them and will understand how horrible it can be for that person.  But, some of you out there might be new to this topic.

I have decided to write this blog about panic attacks because it’s something that has happened to me personally, it’s something that’s a really unenjoyable experience, but it is something I have been able to overcome through many different exercises which I would like to share with you today so that I can help someone out there who is also going through a similar situation.  I was slightly apprehensive to share with people that I have been having panic attacks recently, I think I have only told a handful of people because I have been embarrassed to admit what’s been happening.  But, I believe that sharing this blog with you will not only help me to continue to overcome my anxiety, stress and panic, but it would mean that I could be making a positive difference to someone who is reading this.  Therefore, it is totally worth overcoming the embarrassment.

I guess I will start off by saying that neither myself, nor you should be embarrassed of panic attacks.  They are extremely common.  When trying to explain what a panic attack is,  I suppose it’s quite self explanatory, it is an attack of panic that floods your body and mind.  It can happen to anyone, at any time, at any place and for any reason.  Everyone is different, and therefore, the reasons that cause a panic attack to you, will be completely different to me.  You will know when you (or someone you know) is having a panic attack because of the following symptoms which are associated with the ‘fight or flight mode’.

  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Hyperventilation
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Choking sensations
  • Feeling sick
  • Becoming dizzy
  • Having a head rush
  • Feeling faint
  • Tingling fingers and toes
  • Ringing ears
  • Feeling spaced out
  • Feeling as though you’re having a heart attack
  • Feeling as though you’re going to die

That’s just some of the things that came to my head straight away based on what I feel when I have a panic attack and therefore the list could go on.  Personally, the main feelings I have are that I am having a heart attack and that I can’t breath and therefore I tremble, drip in sweat, cry, feel faint, feel spaced out and think I’m going to die and should be going to A&E.   After that 5/10 minute panic episode, I continue to tremble, I shiver and feel cold and then I’m very hungry and tired.  It really is an awful feeling that usually lasts from start to finish 20 minutes to half an hour for me.  But I have researched and it can actually last anywhere between 5 minutes and 30 minutes.  It stops when you calm down, take deep, slow breaths, or walk the adrenalin off.


A homemade gift that I was kindly given to help me relax and be distracted by the moving glitter

It has been suggested that panic attacks occur when a person thinks a lot, or deep thinks and therefore over-thinks things, which leads to worry, anxiety, depression and panic.  There is often an underlying reason as to why you are feeling panic, worry and anxiety and from what I have experienced, the quicker you think/realise/identify what the underlying issue/problem/worry is about, then the quicker you can find a solution/over come the hurdle/find the solution/deal with it and then move on.  Now, this may take some time.  It must have taken me 2 or 3 weeks until I realised what my actual worries and anxiety is/was about.  Up until that point, I was just continually worrying about when I was next going to have a panic attack and therefore worried all the time! From when I was alone in the house, travelling alone on the train or being alone in the dark.  This of course, does not help and is just a big cycle of worry that goes around and around.

Therefore, you need to start thinking about things that you might possibly be worrying about, have a go and write it down right now.  Let me give you some examples, some of which are reasons why I believe I have been feeling like this and others are from what I have been researching online…

  • You have recently been under pressure at work – click here to read about stress
  • You have recently been under pressure at university
  • You are very tired
  • You have not been sleeping at your usual times
  • You have not been eating enough– click here for 100 calories snacks
  • You are dehydrated
  • You have fallen out with a friend, partner or family member
  • You don’t know what you are wanting to do with your life
  • You need to make an important decision
  • You have financial stresses

Again, the list is endless and may not necessarily apply to you, but this list may help you to start thinking about your stresses.  Let’s now look at things we can do to prevent panic attacks, some are very simple techniques which you can adopt to your day to day routine.  Click on the video link below for some hints and tips.  This was another homemade gift given to me to help me over come my panic attacks, it works.

Click me

Can you think of anything else that can help? I can…

  • Get rid of negativity
  • Spray lavender on your pillow and around the room
  • Reduce your social media activity, it is negative!
  • Be organised
  • Eat healthily – click here to read more about fruit
  • Keep yourself busy
  • Socialise with positive, happy people
  • Get rid of negative people in your life
  • Meditate
  • Research panic attacks
  • Talk to someone about how you’re feeling
  • Increase your physical activity – read more about being physically active
  • Listen to calming music where possible, youtube is amazing
  • Take part in Pilates or Yoga – click here to read more about Yoga
  • Take part in an art therapy book


Buy and colour in an art therapy book, I love Millie Marotta’s designs ❤

I hope you have found this blog useful.  You must always remember that panic attacks are extremely common, I bet there’s someone you know going through it right now.  They do not last forever and can be prevented through many different techniques as I have just listed.  If you would like any more information or help, please click on the following links which you can read and listen to in your own time.

NHS – anxiety and panic attacks ,  panic disorder, stress, anxiety and depression

Meditation Music – I didn’t realise until the last couple of weeks how important meditation is for you.  Everyone should take time of their day to listen to soothing, calming music.  Whether you’re driving, writing a long essay, or just wanting to wind down before you sleep.  Here are some popular favourites… 3 hour session,   8 hour session 8 hour session   meditation for sleep

Please like, comment and share whether this has helped you feel a little better about panic attacks and please comment and share your experiences so that you can help others.

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