After being inspired by the Olympic swimming events, I decided to do a little research.  I’m not a swimming specialist AT ALL, but swimming is apparently the best exercise you can do if you want to burn burn burn those calories (approximately 500 an hour), boost your metabolism, use so many more muscles in your body in comparison to running or cycling, reduce the impact and stress on your joints, and watch your fitness levels increase like nothing before.  Why didn’t we know this sooner?

From what I have researched, the reasons why swimming is such a good workout is because water is 800 times denser than air.  This means that when you’re swimming, you’re giving your entire body a resistance workout.  This results in building leaner muscle, a better cardiovascular workout and burning hundreds of calories.  This positively affects your metabolism,  meaning that you’ll still be burning calories even after you’ve worked out.  This is good news because luckily for me, a pool has just opened close to me.  I get there by car in less than 5 minutes or I can walk or cycle in less than 20.

How to Overcome Typical Swimming Excuses

  • I don’t like getting wet – Does this mean you’ve never had a bath or shower before in your life?  Do you not go swimming on holiday? It’s just as easy to get dry as it is to get wet, I don’t buy this excuse
  • I don’t want to ruin my makeup – You take your make-up off every day anyway, what difference does it make?  You could either go for a swim before you’ve gotten ready in the morning, or go late evening when you’re bound to take your make off anyway
  • I don’t want my hair getting wet – Does this mean you’ve never washed your hair before?  Most establishments provide free showers and free hair dryers.  Take your shampoo, wash the chlorine out and dry your hair when you’re changed, easy!
  • I’m on my period – For the whole month? I didn’t think so.
  • I feel self conscious in a swim suit – There are many varieties of swim wear for all body shapes and sizes, find the right one for you.  Also, remember that people who go swimming, aren’t there to look at you and your body.  They probably wouldn’t even notice that you were there, they just want to go for a swim just like you.  They too, probably feel self conscious that you’re looking at them!
  • I don’t have a swimming suit – There are a rang of affordable swimwear online and in sports shops, start off with a cheap one and then when you are more into it, invest in one that will last for years
  • I can’t swim well – You could research online swimming techniques to improve your form, you could even pay for lessons.  If it’s a case of being unfit for swimming, as I am, just do as many lengths as you can (resting in-between each length) and watch your fitness improve each session
  • I think I might drown – Remember that there are qualified lifeguards on duty who are there to watch you.  There’s also plenty of people in the pool with you too.  If you’re really worried, don’t swim out of your depth, stick to swimming widths or until you’re starting to feel uncomfortable and then turn around and carry on the way you came.  You can stop and stand up at any point.
  • I don’t have time – So do you also not have time to watch TV, go on social media or stay in bed?  I’m pretty sure most pools are open by 06:30 in the morning and shut at 10pm.  Even if you just go once a week, that’s still more times than before, you don’t have to go every single day
  • I don’t like swimming – Maybe you’ve had a bad experience before, maybe you didn’t like the swimming pool you used to go to.  If you haven’t been for a while, try again.  You might actually like it and add swimming to your workout routine!  But if swimming is definitely not for you, then stick to another activity that you love

Change up your workout routine and go to your local pool this week!

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