Why You Should Get Up And Move To Another City

As the end of 2016 swiftly approaches, I started to think of what my new goals for 2017 will be.  One of the absolute highlights of this year was deciding to start a Masters degree in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health at the University of Bristol, but I have spontaneously decided to make it even better by moving to the city, ready to start a new year in a new place; which will officially be my 3rd big move to a new place!  This has inspired this week’s blog of reasons why you should get up and move to another city, if you can!

A Fresh Start In A Fresh New Place

As soon as you step foot into your new city, you step foot on to a blank canvas, your canvas, which you can do anything and everything with now that you have a new found sense of freedom.  Whether you want to make one big, bold statement, or shower the area with an array of bright colours.  Think of the thousands of people already there, they don’t know you.  They don’t know what school you went to, who your old friends are, who your ex is, what your parents do, which lame societies you used to be a part of, or how big your house was – and they probably won’t ever find out!

This is your opportunity to have a fresh start, in a new place, with new friends, a new crib, new routines and experiences of new things.  So what are you waiting for?  Make positive changes you’ve always wanted to do; do things you’ve always wanted to do, but were too scared to do sooner because you actually cared about what people may think. You’re in a new place; forget those old people.  Find better friends, fun friends who encourage you to achieve great things.  Start by just going for a walk by yourself, enjoy your own company and see where you end up!

A Fear of…Nothing

You’ve already made the big decision to pack up your things and say goodbye to your old life and your family, what could be more nerve wrecking?  Forget fears of getting lost, not knowing which train or bus to catch, or even ending up in the totally wrong direction!  Half the fun of being somewhere new is exploring, how great is that?  Go and find the prettiest park and run around it. Go and find the most chic café in the neighbourhood and treat yourself to a delicious hot chocolate. Go and study the city’s graffiti and learn about its hidden political messages.  See what animals they have in their zoo or go and speak to that stranger sat next to you on the park bench and ask them what their favourite thing to do in the city is.  You will be forcing yourself out of your comfort zone and in return, you will build new habits, new experiences and new feelings.  You will surprise yourself and may learn something new about YOU that you didn’t know before.

New Influences

In a short while, you’d be all settled in a new swanky pad, with new furniture based on your style.  You will have a new job, in a place you keep forgetting how to get to that’s filled with new colleagues.  You’ll have a new commute to work, with new sights and sounds. You’ll have new or adapted hobbies; which will be in a new place with new people.  You will be forced to make new connections, networks and relationships with new people who come from different cultures, backgrounds, countries and walks of life.

You will be forced to break into new friendship circles and fit in as though you’ve always been there.  You’ll experience new ways to have fun: visit the city’s famous theatres, go out to the trendy bars and clubs, watch a live band, take part in a fun run, visit the tallest or oldest building.  Forget about that same old Chinese delivery you always order from, get lost in the hottest area of the city, until you stumble across new foods you’ve never tried before – Lebanese, Italian, South African, Indian, Thai or Japanese to name a few.

In return, you’ll develop a new sense of self-confidence.  You now have an ability to find your way around and develop new relationships, with new people which you never thought you could do alone.  You’ll feel alive, more aware of your new, interesting surroundings; slowly forgetting about your old routines, in your old city that never changed.  You will become more independent, more self-reliant, more in tune with your own thinking and feeling. These new influences will shape your new way of thinking, your new way of feeling and your new way of being – for the better.  Research the new place and write a bucket list, filled with the most exciting things you want to do during your time there.

Better Relationships

Once you have moved, it won’t take long before you realise who your real friends are from your old city.  Remember that person who you used to meet with all the time?  Now look, you can’t even get a text from them! It’s as though you never existed, their loss!  There are 7 billion people in the world you can be better friends with instead.  I bet you’ll end up being best friends with someone completely different from your usual social circle. Perhaps they have recently moved too; find out what their story is, get them to show you around, go and see a new movie, invite them for dinner!

When you move away, you will noticeably be aware of the people who make a special effort to stay in contact with you, it may not be every day, or every week, but neither one of you will let it go long enough that the relationship fades into a black hole.  You will also appreciate family time when you next see your family! Whether it’s sending something nice in the post, or a quick catch up online; you will know who means most to you!  You will develop better relationships with those who stay in contact; you will have more to talk about.  You can talk about all the new things you’ve been doing and the crazy people you met on the weekend.  Why not invite them to your new city and explore new areas together?!

The World Is Your Oyster.

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