The New Year’s Resolutions Everyone Should Have

It certainly is beginning to look like Christmas isn’t it?  Children are practicing for their nativity plays, Christmas trees are starting to be decorated with tinsel and glitter, classic Christmas movies are on repeat, smells of cinnamon, Bailey’s hot chocolate and mince pies fill our houses, Christmas hits sweep the nation and just about all the shops and supermarkets are flooded with frantic people!

Christmas is the time of year where we become thankful; thankful for friends and family and the time we get to spend with them throughout December over lots of warm delicious food and drink.  It is also the time of year where we sit and reflect on things we have achieved this year, as John Lennon asks…And what have you done? Another year over, and a new one just begun.  Today’s blog is about the 5 New Year’s resolutions that I think everyone (including myself) should have.  I ask those who don’t “believe” in resolutions, how can you not believe in working towards new goals and new found happiness?

1 – Work towards your dream job

Everyone has their ideal job in mind.  So for those who are not in their dream place or position, make 2017 your year to becoming one step closer.  Simply start off by asking yourself what you’d like to do; or if you already know, research the job in mind and compare this with the skills and experience you have to offer – is it close or far away?

Then, think of a handful of things that you can do throughout the new year that would help you become one step closer, where you can offer more experience and more knowledge than before.  For example, can you write to someone and ask for some work experience? Can you speak to old teachers, or someone in LinkedIn about experience that you may need or general advise that they may have? Can you ask someone to help you re-write your CV or job applications? What courses or academic qualifications are available out there? Can you shadow someone in your current work to see what they do day to day?

2- Spend less time on social media

Did you know, 350 million people around the world actually suffer from Facebook Addiction Disorder (FAD); whereby a person spends so much time on Facebook that their life is affected.  Psychologists explain that an addict has to ‘fill’ their need to go on it, where they have a burning desire to “check it”.  If they don’t, they suffer from withdrawal symptoms, like anxiety, distress and paranoia because they genuinely have feelings of “what’s going on while I’m not online” and they feel like they are left out.

Now I can hear all of you already saying “I’m not addicted because I don’t go on it”, but the only people who can qualify as “not going on it” are people who do not have accounts.  You don’t have to delete social media permanently, but if you’re one of those people who can’t even get out of bed without “checking” or go a few hours without “checking” or even go a whole 24 hours (OMG A WHOLE DAY) without “checking”, then you may need to question your life decisions because it’s ruining your mental health (click here for more).  There are many things that you can do to reduce your time on social media.  You can take the app off your phone, choose not to go on it during work hours, choose not to go on it when you’re socialising, choose not to go on it until all your tasks for the day are complete, or you can just simply choose to log off for a day or two.

– Read more books

Personally, I never used to enjoy reading so I can relate to many people out there who also don’t enjoy reading.  But for the last three years I have always had a book or two on the go and now I really like it and can always find something good to read.  I’ve tried reading on Kindle, but I think nothing can really beat a physical book; I love turning the pages of a book I just can’t put down!  The reasons why I think people should read more books is because firstly, it’s a good alternative to being on social media if you want to reduce your time on there or want something else to do that’s not expensive.

The second reason to read is because of the vast benefits that will come as a result from reading.  I’m talking about mental stimulation, that will wake your brain up the same as exercise wakes your body up.  You will use your imagination whilst simultaneously learn new words and expand your vocabulary.  Not to mention it improves your memory, concentration and focus while you sit there, quietly de-stressing about the day or week you’ve just had.

4 – Be more positive

When I say be more positive, I don’t mean going around like everything is fine when it necessarily isn’t; just generally have a happier outlook on life.  After all, your actions, words and feelings are just a result of your perception of an event or conversation that’s happened.  Now I don’t think I really need to list the never ending reasons as to why you should lead a positive life.  So instead, I will just share examples on how you can act more positive.  For example, go a whole day without complaining, don’t engage in controversial conversations, view something through another persons’ eyes, think about the things or people you are thankful for, sit and speak more positively (this also links to the steps to success), do something nice for someone else and SMILE more – it’s actually quite easy if you think about it, yet sometimes we can all spiral into negativity.

Don’t be a Pollyanna.

5 – Be more physically active

It’s not uncommon knowledge that more and more people around the world are becoming inactive for several reasons.  However this needs to be prevented so that we are happier and healthier and stop sitting around in front of the television, at our desks or in our beds (guilty).  There is a misconception that if you “workout” for an hour a day at the gym you’re physically active, but that’s wrong.  While you’re being active for that one hour, you’ve been sat still for 23 hours of that day, which does not make you exempt from the risk of developing chronic diseases.  So what I mean about being more physically active is not necessarily going to the gym a couple times a week (because that’s boring), I mean just getting off your back side a bit more.  You may not realise, but even just standing and walking around is burning calories and doing lots of good things for your insides.

Being more physically active is actually quite simple and you really will feel lots of benefits.  Ways you can be more physically active include: house work (hoovering, mopping, gardening etc), walking more (to the shops, to town, to work, to the gym, walking your dog), going to the supermarket (not online shopping) or taking the stairs (not the lift).  These are all really simple things that we can do on top of exercising, such as weights, dance classes, swimming, hiking or running.  Challenge yourself to not sit down for most of the day and wait for the results.

Bring on 2017!

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