Solo Vs Buddy

Welcome to the first blog of 2017, I am so excited to see what this year brings!  A new year always comes with new fitness goals, so let’s start this year with an easy read about whether working out is better with a partner or alone when it comes to the gym or running (not sports teams). Many people prefer to workout alone, others won’t leave the door unless they’re with someone and some are a mix of both.  Generally, I like to go solo.  I don’t like relying on other people because there’s always an excuse and people have their own workout interests.  I find it easier to do the things I want to do, at a time and place that suits me and my schedule.  That said, I will always say yes to someone who asks me to go to a class or event with them, it’s like a social event isn’t it? Which suits you the best and why?


  • Working out alone means you don’t have to rely on other people to motivate you.  We’ve all been there, we’re to ready to workout, but suddenly the buddy cancels on you because they can’t be bothered after the day they’ve had.  It makes you feel deflated and unmotivated because you’ve become dependent on them.  But because you’re a solo act, you never have to worry about whether they’re coming or not, because you’re 100% committed to going, you won’t even notice.
  • No holding back.  That’s right, no more demonstrating how to execute moves or turn on machines for other people, also known as time wasting.  You’ve got a killer workout plan that works for you and there’s nobody next to you stopping to catch their breath or interrupting you mid set to ask “What’s a deadlift again?”.
  • Less chit chat.  Quite frankly, nobody goes to the gym just to find out what gossip happened last weekend, and really who cares?  You go to the gym to be left alone to your own thoughts, down time and workout plan and then leave peacefully (and maybe take the odd instasnap to prove you went).
  • What works for you.  Another benefit of working out alone is that you can do all the things you enjoy without catering for the other person, and for how much time you can give.  No more strange exercises or classes that you find boring because your buddy found it online and swears by it.  No more staying for strict hour and a half because ‘you agreed’ last week without thinking.  You’ll be more motivated when it involves exercises, sports and moves that you find fun and which fits perfectly into your schedule; whether it’s a 20 minute HIIT session before work on a Monday, to a 1 hour spin class on the weekend.


  • If you’re the type of person that can’t find a reason to get out of bed or off the sofa to exercise, then a buddy may just be what you need, or an army (running clubs).  If you’ve managed to persuade one of your friends, family members, boyfriend, girlfriend or someone from your local gym to be your buddy, then you’re probably more like to exercise because otherwise you will feel like ‘a let down’.  The good thing about a gym buddy is that they can show you new moves, classes, or exercises that work for them, things which you wouldn’t have thought about doing before; this may help with noticeable changes that you’ve been longing for.
  • Common ground.  It’s nice to have something in common with someone else and to do what you enjoy doing, or are wanting to achieve with someone who feels the same way as you do.  You’re more likely to work out harder with a partner, especially if you have the same fitness goal.  Not to mention, your gym buddy may eventually become your real life friend and you can do other fun things together outside of working out.
  • More fun.  There are lots of exercises you can do with a buddy which you wouldn’t be able to do alone.  Forget the same old cardio machines and check the following links for some easy fitspiration or make your own up and create your own 6 week fitness plan >  Runtastic Fitness Danny Mamam.
  • Your personal spotter! Yep, no more asking random people to spot you, no more feelings of ‘oh i’ve probably taken up too much of their time’.  Now you have your very own spotter you can hit those reps and sets in your own time with ease, you’ll also make the perfect spotter for your buddy, win win!


I hope some of these points have been useful.  As always, it’s down to personal preferences and your situation, but whether you’re a buddy or solo act, make 2017 the year for you to achieve body confidence, happiness and health.

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