Rooibos Tea

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I am so excited to be going to South Africa this Christmas!  There is so much to see and do and so many new foods to try that we don’t get over here in the UK, not to mention the weather is amazing (bless the Southern Hemisphere).  So on the South African topic, let’s talk about something that we do get over here in the UK.  Over a year ago I decided to stop drinking caffeine for several reasons and gradually started to have Rooibos tea more and more; purely on the basis that when you have milk with it, it looks and tastes like a typical English Breakfast Tea, minus the caffeine. Fast forward to today and I drink Rooibos from the minute I wake up until I go to sleep – I love it!

For those who have never heard of it, Rooibos is a South African tea (though it is also used for coffees), here in the UK it is mostly known as RedBush, but I like to be multi-cultural and call it by it’s real name!  Rooibos is taken from the ‘Aspalathus linearis’ bush plant that is found in South Africa and the fermented tea is red in colour, which is where the name comes from (Red – Bush / Rooibos).  Though we like to call it a tea, it is recognised that it is not a true tea and instead, is a medicinal herbal beverage.

I didn’t realise until recently just how good Rooibos is for the body, it is actually amazing and I can understand why it’s more medicinal than a typical ‘tea’.  Studies have shown that Rooibos can cure headaches, insomnia, asthma, eczema, bone weakness, hypertension, allergies and premature aging; it has also shown to boost the immune system and cure stomach cramps.   The benefits are endless, but I have selected 4 quick facts to share with you that will drive you to take a sip!

  • No Caffeine: Rooibos does not contain caffeine (an addictive stimulant to the central nervous system).  This tea is is highly recommended for those advised to reduce caffeine intake, such as those suffering from insomnia or those who suffer with high blood pressure, anxiety and headaches.


  • Packed with Polyphenols: Within the tea are polyphenols, which are phytochemicals.  These act as anti-inflamatories and antioxidants which removes free radicals (which damages cells) and acts against oxidative damage (associated with cancers).


  • Contains Calcium: Yes, Rooibos contains the mineral calcium, which isn’t just about making bones strong, the body also uses calcium for: muscle contractions, helping nerves send signals and to help blood clot.


  • Rare nutrients: Last but not least, one of the identified rare ingredients in Rooibos is Quercetin, which is an antioxidant found to protect brain cells.  Some of the many other health benefits of Quercetin includes: cancer prevention, anti-bacterial properties, improved athletic insurance and reduction of arthritis.


It’s amazing that so many benefits exist in just 1 drink isn’t it?!  Try something new and add Rooibos to your shopping this week and let me know what you think!

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