Hello and welcome back to my website!  Today’s blog brings you the fun things that you can do in Bristol for your fitness, which absolutely do not involve stepping into a gym.  I’m going to keep this introduction short and sweet so we can dive right into it.  But before I begin, if you like the blog, don’t forget to sign up to the emailing list so that you can stay updated each time I publish a new blog and please share with someone you love!


The Harbourside

1) The harbourside is absolutely beautiful and I think I’m just going to go ahead and say it, I think it’s my favourite spot in Bristol.  What’s not to love about it?  It’s guarded by a rainbow of colourful houses, it’s swimming with boats of all shapes and sizes, there’s bars and restaurants scattered on both sides of the river and, there’s SO much room for activities (yes, that was a step-brothers quote).

Stand up Paddle-boarding


SUP is an adaptation of surfing which originated in Hawaii.  The aim it to maintain balance on the board and use the paddle to propel yourself forward.  SUP is available in Bristol during the week and weekends and makes for a perfect summer’s day out.  Click the link below to find out more about SUP in Bristol and book yourself a session!

SUP Bristol



If you’re going to run anywhere in Bristol, make sure it’s somewhere filled with distracting scenery, like the Harbourside.  You will spend less time thinking about how tired and sore you are and will instead start to think whether it’s time to swap your flat for a boat.  After you’ve finished your run, make sure you pop in to the Cottage Inn and grab yourself a well-deserved beverage!



If you’re from Bristol, you will have seen the ‘YoBike’ take over.  Where hundreds of Yellow bikes were left scattered across the city ready to be used.  If you don’t have a bike, maybe this one is for you!  Simply download the ‘YoBike’ app and you can rent one of the bikes for just £1 an our or £5 for 24 hours.  So go on, grab a friend and a bike and go for a cycle around the Harbourside.  To find out more information, check out this article by Bristol Post on the bike scheme.

Kayaking / Rowing


If you’re looking for something more chilled then maybe rowing and kayaking are more your thing.  Plus, if you go with someone else, you can take in turns to row, as long as the other person is the dedicated photographer!

Leigh Woods

Who would have thought that Bristol could fit 2 square kilometres of woodland? Well, it can!  Leigh Woods National Nature Reserve is a lovely escape if you want a break from the bustle of the city and want something a little more quiet to get back to nature.




When you go to Leigh Woods, there are several coloured routes that you can take suited to your fitness levels and time available.  Walking in Leigh Woods shouldn’t be saved for the summer and is definitely an all year round escape.  Parking is free and there’s even a coffee and cake stand if you’ve forgotten your picnic bag.  But make sure you take your dog, they will love it too!



There are so many sporting events throughout the year in Bristol which would suit all levels of ability.  From Cancer Research’s 5k Pretty Muddy Event on the Downs in the summer, to Bristol’s Half Marathon event in September, there is something for everyone.  Whether you want to walk, run, cycle or swim, Bristol has it all!  Set yourself a challenge and sign up, make sure you get a friend involved too!




What’s your favourite fitness activity in Bristol? Leave a comment down below!

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