The start of any new year is a perfect time to reflect on the things you want, either out of this year, or out of life!  I’ve come to learn from my experience, that we are all becoming more aware of the importance of happiness and time, not money.  Of quality, not quantity in almost all aspects of our life and, have the growing interest to learn how to achieve this.  Today’s blog brings you five simple tips on how to bring more positivity to your life, so that you live a happier, content and stress free life.


Get rid of negative people

One of the most important things that people don’t actually consider!  Research has shown that you are the average of the five people you interact with the most.  Therefore, you should carefully consider who you are actually spending most of your valuable time with.  Is your time together purposeful? Are you having fun together?  Do you feel lifted and motivated when you leave them, ready to tackle life?  Or do you feel bored, irritated and drained?

It may sound rather harsh, but in order for you lead a more positive life, you need to have positive people around you.  It’s impossible to remain motivated, positive and happy when you’ve been trapped in the doom and gloom of someone else’s misery, that they plan on doing nothing about anyway!  What I find most interesting about these types of people, is that they always find something to moan and groan about!  It doesn’t matter what it is, there’s always something!  I can’t help but wonder if they actually enjoy living in a negativity bubble, waiting to attract the next negative thing in their life.

Start by unfollowing or un-friending people who irritate you on social media, because once you can’t see their annoying posts, you’ll stop taking in that negative energy.  How  many times have you been caught up in someone’s latest online rant (no matter how entertained you may feel).  What is that serving you?  If, it’s unfortunately a family member, or someone you were once super close to, the easiest thing to do while avoiding confrontation, is to start to become more busy.  Switch off your phone notifications and don’t be as ‘available’ as you used to be.  That way, when you do catch up with them, it’s once in a while rather than regularly.  I am a firm believer that you would be less affected by their negative energy as it’s so infrequent.  To the point where you actually start to switch off from their same old ways.

Take the time today to stop and really think of the five people that you interact with the most, the ones you share your thoughts with, your problems, your dreams.  This could be housemates, friends, parents, work colleagues, siblings or your partner.  Do they support you with what you say?  Do they tell you to go for it and help you to find the necessary steps you need to take?  Or do they turn everything into something about them, and tell you about their latest problem?

Look at what you have got, not what you haven’t got

We are beginning to see the rise of gratitude journals, especially from those who are firm believers in meditation and The Law of Attraction.  Looking at what you have got in life is a way of training your brain to view things from a positive point of view and not from the negative.  It may be hard at first, but the aim is to train yourself to do this, until it becomes automatic!

While this does not mean that you should stop dreaming and aspiring of things you want  in life, but it’s a way of simply being grateful for where you are right now, whilst being  equally grateful for the good things will come your way, in time.  This could be as broad or as specific as you like.  For instance, being simply grateful for your health, family, friends, a job, to have regular money, to have those things in your house that you worked hard to get, to be able to walk to the harbourside and enjoy watching the world go by!  At the end of each day, write down or think about three things that you are grateful for.


Don’t compare yourself to other people, especially on social media

While social media can be so amazing when used in the right way, it can be so evil when used in the wrong way.  Social media has a direct relationship with increased anxiety and depression, due to the constant comparisons we make between ourselves (be it consciously or subconsciously) and the other people we see online.  Take a step back and assess your relationship with your phone and social media.  How much precious time are you spending scrolling through pages and photos, looking at what other people are doing, when you could be spending valuable time doing things that actually make you happy.

While it’s great to see what our nearest get up to, or stay up to date with the latest things, always remember that you cannot compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20!  Always remember that you are only seeing a snap shot of one second of their life.  Always remember that nobody ever posts about the lows, only the highs.  Always remember that social media is staged, edited and not reality.

Think, speak and act positively

The saying goes that you get what you give or, you’ve got to give some to get some.  So if you want to attract more positivity in your life, you need to give out more positivity too!  It’s actually rather difficult to go an entire day without being negative.  Think about all of the potential things that could annoy you and get you down in a day, the bad weather, the traffic or your idiot of a boss!  But, if you’re really conscious and practice regularly, you will be able to train your brain and form new habits as you eliminate the bad habits.  Ensure that each and every day, starting right now, you speak, think and act with a positive intention – Even if you don’t really believe in it.  Fake it until you make it!

So no, perhaps today didn’t go your way.  But what did you learn from today?  Did you learn how to be more assertive in work?  Did you learn how to say no to something that you really didn’t want to do on the weekend?  When things don’t go your way, or you feel that the world is against you, sometimes you need to take a step back and think, ‘What is the message here? What is it that I should be learning? What can I take away from this experience in order to make this a positive one?’  If you start to believe that everything happens for a reason, or that everything has been purposefully created to test you, you will start to learn that these challenging bumps in the road have been put in place for you to overcome; to make you a better, more resilient and positive person.


Exercise regularly

Exercise is renowned for releasing happy hormones, which can help us with our perspective in how we view our day-to-day and what we think about ourselves.  It’s also regularly reported that the more exercise we do, the more confident we feel, either as a result of positive changes to our bodies, or from our ability to overcome physical challenges that we tackle during exercise.

It is recommended to aim for at least 150 minutes of activity a week, whether that’s walking the dog, joining a sports team or going for a swim at the local leisure centre in order to reap the benefits of exercise.  Also ensure that while you’re being more active, you are also consciously minimising your sedentary living.  It’s hard to forget sometimes, that 1 hour at the gym does not un-do the 23 hours you’ve spent being sedentary!   So get outside and enjoy the weather, meet new people in your next gym class or challenge yourself to a Tough Mudder with colleagues and witness the positive changes.

Don’t forget, every single second is a chance to change your life, for the better!

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