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Today’s blog is a guide on some delicious and super healthy meals that you can make for yourself and your loved ones to enjoy in the summer sun.  I think it’s so much easier to eat healthily during the summer.  It’s the time of year where more fruits and vegetables are in season, the quality street hasn’t quite yet hit our shelves, it’s often too hot to eat hot and stodgy foods and, it’s the time of year where we’re super sociable outside in our gardens, which I think naturally suits colourful foods.  Let’s get right into it…

1 Halloumi and Sweet Potato Fajitas – Vegetarian

This is one of my new meals that I love to make.  I have always loved chicken fajitas but more recently, I have been experimenting with food to incorporate more vegetarian and vegan meals into my week  (perhaps i’ll talk about this in another blog).  I thought initially, that the flavour would be compromised and that it would just taste like a bunch of vegetables wrapped up, but I was so pleasantly surprised when I took my first bite and even went back for seconds!  To make this, I roasted: red, yellow and green peppers, mushrooms, onions, sweet potato and halloumi (remove if vegan) which I topped with olive oil, oregano, coriander, paprika, garlic, chives and honestly, whatever else I could find in the cupboard!  It was such a simple dish to prepare, as all you need to do is chop, roast and wrap!  I think this would also make a really nice lunch for the next day too.


2 Avocado and Basil Pasta – Vegan, Vegetarian

I’m sure if you follow me on Instagram (@_nay_emma_) you will recognise this!  A simple dish that can be made quickly with little ingredients.  All you need is penne (or any) pasta which you should boil, then blend 2 avocados, a handful of basil, garlic, lemon juice and olive oil until it makes a paste consistency.  Then, when the pasta is cooked you combine and top the dish with chopped cherry tomatoes (hot or cold; I have mine cold), chopped chilli (fresh or crushed is fine) and some fresh basil leaves.  I absolutely loved this dish when I first tried it; I was practically in pasta heaven!  In fact, I love it so much that I’ve made it almost every week since, and have enforced it on my friends!


3 Thai Green Vegetable Curry – Vegan, Vegetarian

I re-created this tasty Thai Green Curry having learned during a recent ‘Curries Around the World’ cooking class in Bristol (one of my new year’s resolutions this year was to ‘learn’).  We thankfully made enough curry paste in the class to take away with us, which we froze for another day (though the paste is super easy to create at home).  When we wanted to make this, all we needed to do was cook the paste on a low heat until it was the right consistency, then combined with broccoli, green beans and a courgette.  We then simmered in coconut milk (1 x can).  We served our curry with rice noodles.  The following links are some recipes if you’d like to make your own curry paste:

BBC Food

The Spruce Eats

RecipeTin Eats


4 Stuffed Butternut – Vegan, Vegetarian

I’ve stuffed a butternut before with feta and some other ingredients which was really nice, however when I came across this combination of flavours on Pinterest I had to give it another go!  The recipe recommended chopped dried cranberries, however I couldn’t find any, so I mixed it up a bit and added tried mango which I absolutely love!  All you need to do is halve and roast a butternut for 45 minutes, then while that is roasting, boil some quinoa in vegetable stock and combine with spinach, dried cranberries (or mango like I did), and chickpeas.  Then, when your butternut is cooked to your preference, take out some of the butternut and replace with your combined ingredients.  Remember you can eat the skin too!

If you’re someone who doesn’t really enjoy the taste of butternut, try a recipe like this that involves stuffing with interesting flavours.  This is such a colourful and unusual meal but it’s also super cheap too!  I am a firm believer that eating healthily does not have to be expensive, so perhaps the next blog can be cheap and affordable healthy meals, with a complete breakdown of prices!


5 Coconut Chickpea Curry – Vegan, Vegetarian

This recipe pleasantly surprised me!  I don’t recall ever having a chickpea (on their own) curry before and I must admit, I did expect this dish to taste severely plain.  But! I am thrilled to say that I really enjoyed eating this and will certainly be making this dish again!  I liked it so much that I’ve even recommended it to fellow vegans and veggies!  I think dishes like this highlight that vegan and vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring and tasteless; all you need is the right seasoning!

All you need is 2 x cans chickpeas, 1 x diced onion (fry first) and 1 x can coconut milk plus any herbs and spices that you enjoy (I used turmeric, cumin, salt, pepper, chilli powder).  While you let this simmer, cook some rice to enjoy with it!


These are my 5 summer vegan and veggie meals that you need to try this summer!  Don’t forget to subscribe to my website so you are notified of the release of the next blog.  Any comments are always appreciated so I can learn what you love to read about!  Plus, for all those YouTubers out there, I recently started a YouTube channel ‘Nayemma’ and would appreciate any love and support on there, where I talk about all things nutrition, health and well-being!

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