Absoloutely None of Your Business

One of the best quotes I have heard this year was during a speech which I watched online, saying that ‘peoples’ opinion of you isn’t any of your business’.  It was such a good speech that I’ve personally listened it another ten times since because I found it to be particularly inspiring.  I wanted to share this with you today because I think this message needs to be shared with as many people as possible because it’s getting to the point where other peoples’ opinions of ourselves are starting to cloud the judgements and truths that we have.  Social media certainly doesn’t help either!

Other peoples’ opinion of you isn’t any of your business.

Read it as many times as you like until it sinks in!  I think it’s a really important message that not enough people stop to think about.  You’re probably sat there thinking that yes of course this makes sense, but can you sit there and tell me that you actively choose not to care about other peoples’ opinion?  I know I’ve personally been affected in the past and I  can sympathise how it may be difficult at times to not let something or someone bother you, especially when the opinions have come from someone you interact with regularly, perhaps a colleague, friend or family member.  But, I know that for the rest of my future, I will activity ensure that it no longer affects me, not even for 5 minutes! Repeating this quote in my head ensures it so and reminds me just how short life really is!

Other peoples’ opinion of you isn’t any of your business.

So, as we are nearing the end of 2019 and are about to start a fresh and exciting new year, I’d like you to spend these next few months completely ignoring the opinions of others when it comes to you!  I believe that it can have a detrimental affect on the things you do and therefore, the way you live!  For example, two million fewer women than men play sport and exercise on a regular basis.  Women have been surveyed over the years in order to have a greater understanding as to why this may be and astonishingly, the most common response that women give is ‘fear of judgement’.  Think about it, not a lack of resources, money, time or confidence, but from the fact that they are so fearful of what others might think or say, so they choose to not exercise or play sport as a result!

Other peoples’ opinion of you isn’t any of your business.

To give you another example, perhaps someone said something bad about you, to you or even behind your back to someone else, which painted you in a negative light.  More often than not, we will sit and question their motive ‘why did they say that nasty thing about me‘, or even sit and question ourselves ‘is it me?‘, ‘what did I say?‘, ‘am I a bad person?’ – Can you relate to some of these negative thoughts?  I know that in the past I’ve previously spent way too much time wondering why people have said the things that they’ve said.  But since then, I’ve learned not to care because you know what?  Their opinions of me or the things that I do are absolutely none of my business!  Their opinions have no meaning or value to my life and I carry on and go about my business regardless!

Other peoples’ opinion of you isn’t any of your business.

What I want to know is, why do we let the opinions of others affect us?  Why do we let it affect our emotions, mood and actions?  When our emotions and actions are controlled by something outside of ourselves, and it is repeated over days, weeks and years, aren’t we therefore saying that our entire lives are ruled by the opinions of others?  Do you see why this makes absolutely no sense to me!  Don’t let this source of negativity get you down, let this source of negativity fuel you.  Some of your best motivation in life will come wrapped in sandpaper!

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Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

 – Eleanor Roosevelt

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