2020 – THE YEAR OF ‘YES’ – Blogmas

As 2020 approaches, I encourage you to start thinking about what you want to achieve this next year.  It’s really surprising how many people don’t have any goals for the year, month, week or even day!  Often, new year approaches, people make their new years resolutions, but don’t work towards monitoring them throughout the year.  No wonder people give up within the first few months; they probably forgot what their resolution even was!

I do believe in resolutions; I think it’s important to have goals for the year.  It could be anything from running a 5k race, changing your job or saving up to go on holiday. Anything can be a goal and what’s great about personal goals, is that only you can decide what the goal is and it’s down to you as to whether you achieve it or not!  I’ve written some previous resolutions blogs, such as The New Years Resolutions That Everyone Should Have, if you’re looking for some ideas and inspiration.

For 2020, I invite you to join me in having a year of ‘yes’.  Sounds strange right?  But think about it, how often do you say no to something?  How often do your fears hold you back in doing something, from the simplest thing to something that’s more challenging?  How often do you say no immediately, without having given it any thought?  No to the cinema with a friend, no to going out for dinner, no to taking part in a charity event, no to going away for the weekend, no to public speaking.  Does this sound like you?

Of course with everything, there needs to be balance.  I’m not saying that for the whole entire year you should say yes to absolutely everything, because not only would that probably be quite expensive, there’s nothing worse than going somewhere, or doing something that you really dread, but feel obliged to go to because you’ve already said yes.  But what I’d like you to do, is take more consideration into the invitations and opportunities that are thrown your way this new year.  Especially to the opportunities and invitations you automatically, or would usually say no to, when you’ve not even spent an hour thinking about it and what it could bring.

The next time you are presented with an opportunity or invitation, rather than giving an answer straight away, just kindly tell that person that thank you for the opportunity and you will think about it and get back to them at a time that suits you.  This allows you to retain a form of control of the situation, yet you’ve neither said yes or no yet.  Spend time really thinking about what it is; what will it bring you? Will you enjoy it? What will you learn from it?  How will you grow as a person as a result from it?  Will your relationship with that person strengthen as a result of spending time with them?  These are just some of the sorts of questions you should be asking yourself as you make your decision.  While yes, you should equally consider your effort, time and money.  But the bottom line is, if you’re going to get more benefits from it and you’re going to grow as a person, you should say yes!

Another thing to consider, is that by saying yes, you have an opportunity to experience something new or different and you get to have a go.  I personally think it’s always better to regret the things you have done, rather than what you haven’t done.  I think the regret of having not done something is more painful and you end up kicking yourself more.  Think of it this way, so what if it doesn’t work out!  So what if you were no good at it and so what if at the end of it, it wasn’t for you and you’ll never do it again!  It’s so much better to have a thousand tries and even failures, than to have a bunch of potentials because you decided to sit back and not try anything at all!  Start thinking about the fact that you may increase your social network, learn something new and, this may be the start of a new skill or passion.

So, the next time you’re presented with an opportunity or an invitation in the year 2020, make it your mission to give it careful consideration and say the word YES!  Throughout this next year, comment down below on what opportunities you were given and what you have said yes to and how you feel after doing it!  Thank you for reading another blog of the blogmas series.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the emailing list so that you can get notified every time I release another blog!

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