LET IT GO – Blogmas

Welcome to another blogmas post! I wrote this blog a while back as I wanted to release it closer to Christmas so that you could be inspired to start the new year fresh and inspired.  But then I was thinking, why should we or anyone else ‘wait’ until the end of a year in order to ‘start’ becoming motivated and living a more positive lifestyle?  Shouldn’t we instead, end the year being motivated and more positive in order to give ourselves the best chance at having the best year yet?  I don’t know about you, but my second half of 2019 looks a lot different to the first half and I’d like to leave 2019 feeling that I gave my absolute best this year!

I chose the title of this blog without realising that it’s the lyrics of the popular Disney film Frozen, a fitting film for upcoming Christmas period and also relevant as the new Frozen film is about to be showing in cinemas!  But come to think of it, these words are perfect for what today’s blog is about – letting go of negative energy before the start of a new year.  Nobody in this world should be finishing the year and starting a new year harbouring negativity.  How on earth could you expect to live abundantly this new year, working hard to achieve your new and exciting goals for the year, when you’re carrying around baggage from a year that no longer exists?  Think about that for a minute!

Before the new year arrives, even if you leave it until the 31st December.  I want you to sit alone and quietly with a pen and paper and think about all the annoying, hurtful, upsetting and negative things that have happened to you this year.  It could be literally anything, no matter how big or small you may think it is.  For example, the ending of a friendship that you cared about, having a big fall out with a family member over something petty, your boss being rude to you when you work hard, or having some jerk cut you up on the road during your morning commute, which caused you to do an emergency stop.  Write the top few ones down that really come to your mind – you will know what they are because they will be easy to re-call!

After you’ve identified sources of negativity from this year, the next thing I want you to do is write a letter to each person or situation, short or long.  In this letter, you’re going to express yourself fully and get everything out.  From how horrible they were and exactly what they did and said, to saying the things you didn’t get to say at the time, but wish you had.  Write it out fully, as though you’re going to give them this letter.  As you write, I want you to imagine the thoughts, feelings and negative energy dissipate from your mind and body, and almost imagine it evaporate out of your mind like steam, and float away into nothingness as you fill the page with your words, thoughts and emotions.

Next, I want you to read the letter back to yourself, either quietly or out loud and make sure that you’ve not held back, swear words and all if necessary and add in anything that you think you have missed, continue this until you have nothing left to say to this person.  Finally, when you’re happy with your creation, I want you to tear the letter up (with enjoyment) and put it in the bin!  I’ll tell you why.

The very act of writing a letter to someone who is in the wrong, was popularised by former President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln.  It is reported that many angry letters were found to various people, telling them how wrong they were and how they made him feel.  I personally think this is an excellent exercise that could help with mental heath and stress for anyone regardless of their age, gender or source of stress!  Tell me, can you remember a time where you’ve said something or done something in the height of anger, that you later regretted?  Have you ever had an argument where in the middle of it, you can’t remember what you were even arguing about in the first place?  But too many hurtful things had been said, so you just carried on until you won, or the other person gave up?  Reflect on that for a moment, I bet you’re cringing like me!

By writing things down, you fully address the problem and your feelings towards it.  You’re given plenty of time and space to say the things you want to say and can express yourself in a way that suits you while in the comfort of your own home or whatever you choose to do this exercise.  However, whats brilliant about this, is that you don’t need to consider the other person’s feelings, or counter argument!  Because after all, they will only justify their actions and what they said, because they will believe deep down that they are right and that you are wrong!  You can go all out during this exercise, because they’re never going to read this letter!  But by writing it down addressed to them, you will feel like you are actually saying it to them.  Once written on paper, your brain doesn’t know the difference between them seeing it or not, but it certainly knows that you’ve expressed your thoughts and feelings that it’s been kindly holding for you.

This exercise allows you to get rid your mind of the negative thoughts and energy that are inside of you and this is an opportunity to offload them onto a piece of paper and move on.   Think about all this new free space available in your brain for positive energy, positive thoughts and positive emotions.  Can you even believe that what you have just  written had been stored in your mind and clouded your creativity?  One of the best quotes that I have ever heard is ‘holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die’.  So, with that in mind let it all out and let it go.

If this is an exercise that you would like to do or have already done, please feel free to share with me your experience as I’d love to hear from you.  You can contact me on email at naomilaws.com@gmail.com or you can DM on Instagram at @_nay_emma_.  If you liked this blog please share it with someone you love and don’t forget to subscribe to the emailing list if you haven’t done so already so that you never miss another blog!

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Image: Jill Wellington via Pixabay

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