5 Things I did not Buy in 2019

Minimalism, sustainability, environmental health and no buys are increasingly popular.  If you missed it, I recently wrote a blog call Minimalism for Beginners, which may inspire you to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle in an area of your life.  As I sit and reflect on 2019, I identified five things that I did not buy in 2019.  This isn’t a blog to tell you what a great person I am because of this, or what a terrible person you are if you did choose to buy these things in 2019.  But it is a blog to share the possibility of not buying certain things in your life.  Can you think of something already that you could go without?

Make up remover

In 2019 I did not buy any make up remover!  Instead, I used pure coconut oil that I already had!  I have been using coconut oil for years in my hair and it was only within the last year or so that I found out that it could be used to remove all make up!  I love that you know what you’re getting with the product and I love that I know I’m not putting strange chemicals onto my face or over my eyes – I often wonder what that’s actually doing!  I take my make up off while in the shower every single evening and don’t use any cotton wool or face cloth.  I scoop a little bit onto my finger and rub it into my eyes and all over my face and then use some soap or a face wash to rinse it away!


In 2019 I did not buy a single book! But why I hear you cry? Books are good? Indeed they are a great investment!  In 2019, one of my goals was to save money.  I thought that by challenging myself to not buy simple items such as books, would help me to save money very easily!  I was very aware that I had a personal collection of books which I was yet to read and, had access to the shelves of family and friends, filled which books which I had also never read!  So I thought to myself, instead of needlessly buying new books, why not start with the books already available to me.  If I were to run out, I told myself I had to go to the library first.  But guess what, I never made it to the library!  I had so many unread books that in a whole year, I didn’t need to buy a single book or go to the library!  It just goes to show where money could be easily wasted!  I appreciate that this could be particularly difficult when the latest trendy book hits the shelf, but this could always be on your gift list for a special occasion; you would appreciate more as you’ve waited for it!


Zero subscriptions were purchased in 2019!  Yes, that also includes Spotify and Netflix!  Again, this was another easy way to save money without thinking.  I fortunately had a couple of people who had Netflix accounts that I could hack into with their permission and so what was the point of me buying my own too?  In the past, I have also teamed up with a friend, as it’s often cheaper to buy a multiple-device package and split the cost, rather than buying multiple individual packages.  Do you have a friend or family member that you could split the cost with?  What subscriptions are you a part of which you could cancel?

Bottled Water

If you’re still buying plastic bottled water, you’ve most likely not watched Blue Planet II.  David Attenborough’s documentary which opened up the eyes of the whole world as to what our plastic waste is doing to our planet.  It is horrifying and shameful and so one of the most simplest things that you can do to reduce your plastic waste contribution as an individual, is to invest in a re-useable water bottle.  I think I am going into my fifth year of carrying a re-useable bottle and it couldn’t be more simple.  I fill it up with iced water in the house to run errands, to workout, to go to someone’s house, to walk around town, to go to the cinema, to go food shopping, to go surfing (you get the idea).  If I’m in a cafe or somewhere where I know there is a tap, I’ll ask for it to be re-filled and it’s never been a issue.  Not only am I reducing my plastic waste, I am saving money by not having to buy a drink everywhere I go and I am also not consuming plastic particles when I drink!

Gym membership

Now this isn’t exactly one that I want to continue with going forward, but in 2019 I did not buy a gym membership.  Does this mean I didn’t workout for an entire year? No it doesn’t, I did all my workouts at home for free!  I saved £500 in 2019 as a result of not becoming a member of my local gym.  I think one of the best things you can do is invest in your health and I do not for one minute think that becoming a member of a gym is a waste of money – unless of course you become a member and never go!  But it is proof that if you are motivated enough, you really don’t need to purchase a gym membership in order to become fit, healthy and active.  Walking, running and YouTube are free.  YouTube especially, is packed with workouts for absolutely everyone: dancing, Zumba, Tae Bo, HIIT, core workouts, full body workouts, kettle bell workouts and more!  The downside of not going to a gym, is you don’t get out of the house and you don’t have that social aspect of working out and I think these points alone are strong enough arguments for getting a membership.  But, if you are perhaps wanting to try a no buy year, or are looking for an easy way to save £500+ a year for financial reasons, consider letting go of your gym membership temporarily.  But! ensure that you are creative and motivated enough to keep up with a healthy and active lifestyle!

Which one surprised you the most?  Is there something you’d like to stop buying in 2020?  Comment down below!

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