10 Healthy Habits for 2020

Did you know that 45% of what we do on a daily basis is in fact out of habit?  I absolutely love watching habit videos and listening to interesting habits or routines that people have and the impact that it’s had on their life.  I always wonder, what are the key differences between those who are successful in life and those who are not?  What are the successful people doing every single day out of habit that the unsuccessful are not?  I have come up with 10 healthy habits that I think everyone should have, to live a happier and healthier 2020!  If you prefer watching YouTube videos, you can access the Vlog version of this topic here.  Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you liked the video!


Do you suffer from back ache? Neck ache? Or even shoulder ache? For years, I had back ache!  It would be sore after a workout, sore if I didn’t workout, sore if I sat too long and sore if I stood too long, I could never win!  I tried cracking my back, I tried professional sports massages and I tried leaving it alone.  In 2016, as a regular member of my local gym, I started attending yoga classes.  I had always heard that yoga should be incorporated into a workout schedule to aid flexibility and to prevent injury, so I gave it a go!  Fast forward to today, yoga is something that I try to do every single day because since starting and keeping it up on a regular basis, I’ve never had back ache since!  So, whether you do it in the morning first thing, after a workout, or attend an hour session, I can guarantee that you will witness the benefits in no time!  My favourite YouTube yoga instructors are Yoga with Adrienne and Boho Beautiful.



When I say reading, I mean a good old fashion book (maybe a kindle).  So no, scrolling through your phone and reading your friends’ cool captions doesn’t count – But this blog does!  I first got into reading in 2014, when I was in my third year at university and started to become aware of the amount of information I was consuming!  I thought to myself, if I can force myself to read all this information, imagine all the stories, biographies and self-help books I could read in a year, if I continued this level of reading!  I started my hobby of reading slowly.  The first book I properly read was 12 Years A Slave by Soloman Northup and is still one of my favourite books.  Today, I always have a book on me wherever I go.  So when I’m in a waiting room, waiting in the car, or just generally a bit bored and not quite sure what to do, i’ll read my book!  In my opinion, not enough people read.  Go to your local library today and pick up a good book!  Comment down below on your favourite book that you’ve read – help inspire other curious readers!


How many times have you been told to drink more water?  But it’s true!  Most people really do need to drink more water!  Do you typically reach for sugary innocent smoothies or fizzy drinks?  Thankfully, reusable water bottles are trendy in 2020 for environmental and sustainability reasons.  This is great if you’re someone who struggles to remember to drink water!  At least you will have it on you and you can fill it up anywhere and everywhere you go!  If you find water boring, remember that you can add cucumber, grapefruit, lemon or mint to give it some flavour.

Motivational talks


When was the last time you sat down and just listened to an interesting podcast or motivational talk?  I enjoy listening to talks and podcasts most days.  Especially interesting and insightful TED talks where I can learn something new.  What is your new year’s resolution?  If you haven’t got one yet, how about learning something new this year?  So the next time you’re stuck in traffic and you’re sick of the radio, head to Spotify and listen to a podcast.  You never know what you may learn!


If you’re new to my website, you may have missed a previous blog I wrote called British People Can’t Cook.  It is reported that British people used to spend at least 1 hour each day cooking delicious homemade food just a few decades ago.  However today, the average cooking time is maximum 30 minutes.  What is interesting, is that over the last 30 years, obesity and overweight have increased dramatically.  Is this a correlation?  Could this be down to our busy lives? Meaning that we only have time for the most convenient of foods that require little time and zero effort?  Or could it be that we have a lack of cooking skills among society these days?  Be honest with yourself, when was the last time you took a cooking class?  Or a family member shared with you a family recipe with a secret family sauce?  Cooking is an essential life skill that can not only impress your friends, but also help you to eat a rich and healthy diet for good health.  How many meals can you cook from scratch?

Saving money


It is suggested that nearly 80% of the population are living pay check to pay check.  Would your life be massively impacted if, for whatever reason, you didn’t get paid on your next pay day?  One of the best healthy habits, and something that I am particularly working on in 2020 as one of my resolutions, is to get into the habit of saving and not spending.  I was listening to a really interesting YouTuber recently, who highlighted the fact that people work so hard, for such little salaries, only to then be fed information about how we’re not good enough and we need the latest and greatest in our lives, which makes us go to the shops and spend our money, just to help ourselves feel a little bit better about ourselves!  No spend weekends, weeks, months or even year is another trendy topic at the moment.  Why not make it your mission this year to save as much money as possible?

Physical Activity

Life and technology do not make it easy for the population to be active on a regular basis, or even bothered to take part!  Adults are recommended to achieve 150 minutes of activity a week and to take part in strength exercises on 2 days (e.g. yoga, weights or body weight exercises) in order to reap the benefits of physical activity, while reducing the risk of developing chronic diseases and conditions.  Did you also know that 2 million fewer women than men take part in sport and activity on a weekly basis than men?  If you’re interested, I wrote a blog called We Need More Women in Sport.  Walking (including dog walking and hiking), running and YouTube workouts are free and so that eliminates common barriers to exercise: cost and accessibility.  Start experimenting with times to see when best suits you for a workout and make this a regular habit on a weekly basis.  For example, every Sunday at 10am I’m going for a run, no excuses.  Or, Wednesday evenings afterwork is when I’m going to start swimming.  Get into the habit of being more physically active.  Your physical, mental, emotional and social health will thank you for it!

Having a hobby


What are your hobbies?  Stop reading this blog for a moment, take out a pen and paper and write down what your hobbies are!  Do you go to the gym?  Do you go to a weekly class or lesson?  Or do you spend most of your time watching Netflix and scrolling on your phone?  Think about the things you enjoy, or used to enjoy.  What are you passionate about?  Think about the ways in which you could start doing this more in your life.  Could you do this or work on this every single day?  Where would you be this time next year if you spent more time doing the things you enjoy?

Stop being Scruffy

This probably isn’t your usual ‘healthy habit tip’ but it’s something I’ve really noticed over the last few years.  People seem to have very little pride in their appearance.  Throughout the last few jobs I have had, it seems that it’s totally acceptable to go to work with greasy, unbrushed hair, wearing un-ironed clothes with holes in.  You may think that people won’t notice, but they do!  What message is that sending to the world about you?  What impression are you giving about yourself to the people that you’re meeting and interacting with?  I remember a phrase I heard years ago that has stuck with me ever since; ‘When you go out on the street, make sure you look neat, because you never know who you might meet!’

Live life to the fullest


Do you play safe and in your comfort zone?  Or do you go full out without question, fear and doubt?  Like many, do you spend too much time thinking, and over thinking?  When really, you should spend more time just doing and enjoying.  Since when was life about work?  You should work to live, not live to work.  So the next time you’re presented with an opportunity or an offer, consider saying YES and go for it.  If you’re interested, I wrote a blog called The Year of Yes.  I hope this brings a source of inspiration for this new year and new decade!

Which one are you drawn to the most?  What is a healthy habit that you’ve started for 2020? Comment down below and share with everyone!

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