Hey Everyone! My name is Naomi, I am 24 years young and a writer and enthusiast of anything health, diet, fitness, sport, nutrition, lifestyle and wellbeing related.  I have a First Class Honours Degree in BSc in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Community Health, I have recently spent a year working within Patient Safety for the UK’s National Health Service and as of September 2016, I will be a student again where I will be studying for a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health.

I started this website for fun;  people always ask me for nutrition and fitness tips, which I am always happy to help with and as I enjoy reading and writing, this was a great way to share my passion and interest of the human body, share my knowledge and keep up to date with the latest scientific research and diet no no’s for all to read.  It’s amazing to hear that so many people enjoy reading what I share so thank you so much for taking the time to read. 

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